Verona – AOUI University Hospital

The AOUI “UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL INTEGRATED TRUST  of VERONA” IS IN Northern Italy and is considered one of the most Excellent Hospitals in Europe and in the whole world.
- First hospital in Italy for its operating rooms
- First in the world for the transplant of stem cells in the spinal column for thalassemic children
- Among the first in the world for pancreatic tumors, breast cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer.

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- Panteatric Cancer
Verona leader in Italy in the study of cancer genomes
- Cancer breakthrough with scientists from Verona
- Presentation of Robocast robotic system for neurosurgery 3 years from the first European project in Verona
- New frontiers in Verona’s Neurological Rehabilitation
- Report Neurological Rehabilitation

View of the Surgical Centre (the most important in Europe)